How we get involved

FIBC understands the importance of community


Restore relationships with Christ

Do you feel far from the Lord? Has it been awhile since you've stepped foot in a church. Here are FIBC we understand that many have had dis-tasteful experiences with the church and want to help believers find their walks again with the Lord. We believe this happens through honest communication on how Christ wants to be a part of our lives, and how we can never be too far from His grace.

Building Christ Centered families

We are a church built around family, we champion linking up with other Christ centered families who share similar life stages, to help encourage one another and build one another up.

Carrying the Gospel

As a church we will carry the gospel and be the ones who share about God's grace and unceasing love to those who have not heard. We are passionate about being the hands and feet of Christ' body and we seek to exist to share the word.