Loving Families Closer to Christ.

Our Mission

Restore relationships with Jesus Christ. Build Christ-centered families. Carry the gospel to those who haven't heard.


First International Baptist Church is a church born out of need. Our City, served as a refuge for many of the members of our community. It was our first taste of America. Like many first generation Asian Immigrant churches, FIBC had it’s original roots established as a Lao Baptist Community Church. As time went on, the need evolved and other people groups, refugees from all over the world, found Memphis as their home. From there the natural progression from a mono-immigrant church to an international multi-ethnic church took place. FIBC had the direct opportunity to serve those who were establishing life in the US, by helping them build community and bond with other people groups, at the same time walking them through the journey of getting to know Christ personally.

Why another church?

The needs of our city presented itself and FIBC answered the call. We believe that there is a unique need for a church like ours in Memphis. We look toward our city’s need today and find many 2nd generation Asian Americans call Memphis home. Being children of refugees or immigrant families, many have acclimated into American culture. [2nd generation Asian American’s are a part of the third culture phenomenon or TC.] The term TC came around when children of missionaries would be raised in foreign countries. Those children would have experienced cultural norms that were different from America and upon return, would struggle with self identifying with either culture. Many Asian Americans naturally struggle with culturally identity, being raised in an minority cultural home and wrestling with majority culture. FIBC is church home for those individuals. So with that distinct background, FIBC seeks to serve the community of 2nd generation Asian Americans and be empowered to build community within the context of Memphis, our home.


FIBC is NOT just for 2nd Generation Asian Americans; however, we've found that through our culture and natural tendency to engage in life as a community, we can shine for the purpose of Christ by being a body of believers. We live out a reality that church just doesn't happen on Sundays. We regularly extend meal times, conversations, celebrations and gatherings well into our personal lives. Our church not only exists for Christ but for the community as well. We welcome all those who long to have authentic relationships with other believers and who hunger for God's will in their lives.


”Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and lean not unto your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your path”
— Proverbs 3:5-6